Why Do I Need Branding Photos?

January 27, 2021

What is Branding Photography? 

Branding photography is a new genre that has opened up in the photography field due to the rise of social media marketing. Branding photography provides photos for brands and personal brands to look more professional, build connection, and showcase their products and services without having to be salesy. 

Now more than ever with social media we can do so much to sell our products and services in a way that looks effortless. We can use images and story telling to convert potential customers into buying ones. Isn’t that awesome!

Here’s why you need branding photos for your business:

Right now conferences, networking events and workshops have moved online. Everyone is looking at each other virtually to see if they like your work, your personality and if they even want to know more about you. Having a great headshot and branding photos will help someone make a decision if they want to work with you or not.

Branding photography makes you look more professional across the board. If you want to start charging higher prices then you better reflect that premium price. Having consistent professional images up levels your perceived value. You can use your branded images on your website, advertising, freebies, sales pages, blogs, podcast, and more. When people see consistency with your brand they will know that you mean business. 

Branding photos sets you apart from the other people who are selling a similar product. Having tailored images just for you that show your uniqueness will bring more brand recognition because it will be completely unique to you. Use your personality, interests and passion throughout your social media to create your connection with your audience. 

Using images with story telling allows you to sell without selling. As a photographer I have to sell myself as well, and I have used stories to build connection and have even converted people to buy portraits sessions because I spoke to their pain points. Visual story telling can be super powerful tool for your business. The great thing about everyone is that we are all unique, and people love a good story. So what story are you going to tell? A motivating story? A educational story? A transformation? Having photos that reflect that will help you connect with potential customers. 

Be sure to download the Photography Branding Checklist to see what kind of images you can create for your brand.


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