As an American in Sweden I get to experience the Swedish culture first hand. It’s been really wonderful experiencing the culture because there are so many wonderful traditions that the Swedes have. One of them is “mys”, which is a simple and uncomplicated term for cozy time.

When I was contacted by the TODAY show through my Instagram page, they asked if I would like to share my take on the Swedish word “mys” and I gladly said yes! I thought this would be such a great way to show my family back in America what a part of my life is like.

I created content for the Today show with my take on Fredagsmys of me and my family. Basically “mys” means getting cozy by making your home feel cozy by lighting candles and getting close with your loved ones. This is so important to do during the dark winter months. I hope you get inspired to take some time to relax and make your home a cozy space during the dark winter months.

You can watch it here