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Welcome to Jessica Hanlon Photography, where I help you gain confidence to stand in front of the camera, gain skills to grow your personal brand, and empower you to shine online.




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I’m an American portrait and branding photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. My passion has always been photography, and now I help you get the best images of yourself to build your brand, or sell your products with confidence.

I like to put a little fun and fashion into all of my portraits by offering hair & makeup styling for you and advising you on what to wear to your photo session. Something magical happens when you look and feel your best. It gives you confidence to stand up in front of the camera.


Jessica Hanlon Photography

Jessica Hanlon Photography

Stockholm Branding Photographer - Maya Raw

business portraits stockholm Sweden

personal branding photographer stockholm sweden

blogging photographer stockholm Sweden

stockholm branding photographer Jessica Hanlon

Business Portraits Stockholm Sweden

Företagsporträtt Stockholm Sverie

porträttfotograf Stockholm Sweden

Porträttfotograf Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm portrait photographer

Jessica Hanlon photography

Jessica Hanlon Photography

App Developer Sweden

Carolina Naesses of Von Norton Sweden

personal branding photographer stockholm Sweden

Jessica Hanlon Photography

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business portrait stockholm

Porträttfotograf Stockholm Sweden

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Stockholm Branding Photographer - Maya Raw

Jessica Hanlon Photography

stockholm branding and head shot photographer jessica hanlon

joella skoogh branding photos stockholm sweden

Jessica Hanlon Photography Stockholm

business portraits stockholm sweden

branding photographer Stockholm Sweden

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