The Elevate Podcast episode 6 with Jessica Hanlon and Abbey Rae Wilson

Do you know what human design is? I sure didn’t know what it was until I met Abbey Rae Wilson. Abbey contacted me for branding photos here in Stockholm about two years ago and that’s when she told me about human design, since then I’ve been really intrigued by this subject matter. Abbey is a human design reader and educator who has managed to make a business around this subject and I wanted to share her story because she is proof that you can have a business doing what you love.

You can find Abbey traveling in Asia and following her human design profile to make decisions in her life and you can do the same thing too when you learn how to use your human design as a tool to guide you.

Abbey recently taught a masterclass “Activate Your Magnetism” and she walks you through how to use your profile to show up on social media all based on your human design. I took this class and it was really helpful and taught me how I can show up in a more aligned and authentic way based on my human design.

Be sure to download your human design chart to follow along with this podcast episode by heading to Abbey’s website.

Website: https://unearthedsoul.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abbeyraewilson/

Activate Your Magnetism Masterclass

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