Say goodbye to generic stock photos and hello to a personalized concept that speaks volumes about your unique brand and offers.

We will translate your brand into captivating images that resonate with your audience.

Confidently show up to your brand shoot with a PLAN and a clear VISION of what you need.

The secret for a successful brand shoot is to create a concept and have an actionable plan to help you create it. 

Your brand is one-of-a-kind, and your photos should be too.

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Did you know there’s an art, skill and strategy to crafting the vision for your brand photos?

On brand photos allow your ideal clients to instantly see your value (and 2X, 3X, and even 5X your sales this year!)

Book Dream Clients

Position yourself as THE expert in your industry because your brand photos and messaging are doing the selling for you.

Be The Go-To Person

Authentic photos that showcase your personality and expertise help you stand out & attract clients who resonate with your brand, leading to more sales opportunities.

Make More Money

here's what happens when you build your brand

Picture this: You, owning it in front of the camera, taking action, and in full control of your destiny. No more playing small or letting self-doubt hold you back from booking your brand shoot – you're ready to claim your spotlight.

We get to know each other and talk about your brand

Think of me as your creative art director guiding you through the brand process.

In this virtual meeting we will meet and discuss your brand and goals for the future. I want to know what your plans and goals are so we can create brand photos to help you get there. 




The planning is set in motion and now you've got a vision & A Plan!

Your brand and business is art, so we are going to create the concept for your brand shoot.

During the planning session we are going to create the art direction and mood board for your brand shoot. In order to nail the brand shoot we need to make a plan and have a clear vision of what we want to create first.

This takes up to two weeks to plan because we need to ensure everything is sorted out before showing up to your photoshoot. 

Don't wait too long to book your shoot because Sweden has a short window of good light starting from April-Nov. If not you'll be caught in the darkness of winter. 

The big day arrives and we can create magic together

“Main character energy” has entered the room for your brand shoot and it *actually* feels easy, exciting, and comfortable.

Okay we made it to the final stretch and because we made a plan and have a clear vision for your brand shoot you are going to show up ready to confidently nail your brand shoot!


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success stories

Thank you so much Jessica! So appreciate it and loved working with you, the pictures are amazing and can't wait to use them on my website and social media.

Abbey Rae - Human Design Reader

I love that you were so you were  very warm and comfortable and professional. What I loved is that you also made the posing element not fussy, and this is how they look how they elevate a photograph.

Filippa Harrington - Natropath

Love them!! I think I had over 100 Favorites!! You're so talented!

Mikaela - writer & journalist

Holy F***! The pictures are so good! This website will be smashing! 

Sofia Von Clesing - Wellbeing & Performance Coach

You were such a delight to work with! And well, if I am really honest, open and not swedishly shy - I look amazing in those photos so thank you!!! I never do, so really nice work!!!

Kia agerhem- shape your vibe

“The shots you took are absolutely stunning! It’s so difficult to choose, especially towards the final shots - they all look so great!

Marco bulgheron - electrolux

OMG this was so hard but I managed to narrow down the pictures. Many of them turned out so much better than I thought they would so thank you! I can't wait to finally bring my brand to life.

Anna Nilson - Honestly healthy food project

The photos look absolutely amazing, I honestly have no words to describe them other than that I LOVE THEM!! I 'm very happy and very proud! I got a little boost of confidence now.

Mayra Kaneshiro - Beyond Physio

Jess was so warm and made me immediately feel comfortable, she showed me how to pose and made me feel really confident. Jess really listened to my ideas and helped my vision for the shoot come to life.

Elle Baron - Web & Graphic Designer

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