On today’s episode, we have Marie-France Samba who specializes in personal branding and brand visibility. She is currently based in Paris, France where, and is sharing her best tips on how to start building our personal brands in a new city or even in a new country.

Moving to a new country or even a new city can be quite intimidating because you need to rebuild your network from scratch. Marie shares with us how we can grow our personal brands in a new city so that we can thrive and build new connections, which can in turn open up new opportunities such as friendships, business opportunities, and even land a dream job. 

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More about Marie-France Samba

Born in Paris, spanning a successful career of more than fifteen years in the Press industry – working with the likes of Elle magazine – advertising agencies – Music industry Sony, and Warner Music, where she developed her creative, marketing, and branding skills.

She went on to create her first business in 2009, a language Academy in Paris, before developing a real passion for women’s empowerment and starting her coaching business in 2017.

As a leader and personal branding coach, Marie-France is mission-minded, effective, and highly dedicated to unleashing her clients’ uniqueness. She passionately guides and supports them to create a compelling personal brand that makes them stand out in their field through her proven signature program The Personal Brand Mastery Method™ and her online group program.


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