I thought I would share with you why I chose to have two different Instagram accounts. (crazy right?) Have you thought about doing the same thing?

Trust me, I had been contemplating this for over a year and I felt like I was holding myself back from showing up on my Instagram because I didn’t want to annoy my customers who weren’t small business owners.

When I started my photography business I mainly concentrated on building my photography brand awareness. But as my business has evolved into branding and educational photography, I felt the need to separate the two accounts. And I am glad I did!

In my online course Boss Up Your Selfie I teach why your offers are not for everyone and that you will have a dream customer for all of your different offerings.

Here’s why I decided to separate my accounts:

1. Because my dream clients were very different. Most of my clients come to me for portraits or fashion e-commerce, and not all of the people who followed me on my photography account are business owners. I felt like my message was getting confusing. You can check out my photography Instagram page HERE.

2. I wanted to speak directly to small business owners about brand building and how photography can help them grow their businesses. This way I knew that I could tailor most of my IG content for that one person who needs what I have to offer. This way I was crystal clear about who my page is for and I won’t lose out on potential customers. You can check out my Branding & Photography Instagram page HERE

Is it more work? Kind of, but because I know what I want to say to my dream customers, it makes it so much easier to create the content. ( you may see story overlaps, I hope you’re okay with that if you follow me on both)

If you’ve been debating with the same question, then ask yourself would your offer benefit by having different accounts.

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