For people to want what you’re selling they need to know, like, and trust you!

When I post photos of myself on social media I get way more engagement and comments on my Instagram. When I started using storytelling combined with my images I started converting my followers into buying customers just from one image! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your inbox filled with DM’s saying your post resonated with me, I’d like to book a session, or buy that necklace or sign up for your course!



Is Boss Up Your Selfie For You?

This course will teach you the foundations of building your personal brand online to attract your dream clients.  You cannot create your brand photos until you know what your brand is about, and that is why the first module in this course is all about having clarity about your brand.
You will learn to create your own on-brand photos for social media and marketing content created by you, so that your brand looks unique from everyone else’s online. If you feel like you constantly need new photos then this course is for you!

What Makes Boss Up Your Selfie Course Different?

This course is different from all the other selfies and content creation courses because I’m leading you from the foundations of building a brand to creating the content.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You can not create content without understanding your dream clients. That is why this topic is the first module.


    • Live demos of me actually photographing myself in different lighting scenarios.
    • Learn the camera settings that I used when shooting with my fancy DSLR camera.
    • I also created Boss Up Your Selfie Lightroom Mobile presets for you to save time with your photo editing.

I created the modules with you in mind to easily guide you through building a brand online.



Watch the videos below for inspiration