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LEARN TO TAKE SELF PORTRAITS and create content FOR YOUR BUSINESS on social media.

- Define your brand

- master your iPhone

- Master your Fancy camera

- Gain confidnece on camera

- Take beautiful selfies

- create product photography

- Create weekly content

- Grow your visibility

- get buying customers

the ultimate business Photography course!

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This course is for beginner entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, coaches, influencers, or creative entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their visibility online and get paid to do what you love.

As a small business owner, now more than ever it’s so important to show up online and start building your brand visibility so that you can attract new clients who want to spend money with you!

Every entrepreneur needs to know how to create content on social media, even if you are paying a professional photographer. The fact is that you need to create content at all times so that you have a library of photos available to you, so that you don't feel like you don't have enough photos to promote your business.

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get booked on social media with selfies
Instagram for business
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You're tired of not having enough images of yourself to promote your products

or services on social media

selfie course waitlist

you feel like you don’t have enough money to continuously invest in a photographer

you have a product or service that can impact peoples lives, you just don’t know how to get more awareness

I will show you how

to use your Fancy

DSLR camera.

You're feeling a bit lost on how to build a personal brand online

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" The aha-moments started in the first module with all the simple questions I could ask myself to get more aligned with my brand. Questions I had never asked myself before. Then the aha-moments just followed with the modules. All the tips for how to use the Iphone, the module about lightning, posing, planning your photoshoot. The aha-moments were many!"

"the clarity part is essential!!! Personally it is the part that I am going to watch again and again because it seems that my problem to post content might come because of a lack of clarity in my brand."

"Your course has given me more confidence to just start taking more photos. There's no other way to do it than to just start! I think it really helps to see someone go through the process because sometime you can feel odd doing it on your own, but knowing that's how it's done is helpful!"

I'll show you how to use your point and shoot camera to take your selfies.


How would it feel to create an online presence that would attract your dream clients and convert them into buying customers because they know like and trust you from your social media posts?


boss up your selfie

Will help you...

Create a solid brand foundation

Create your dream customer

Create your bio for your website and social media

Gain confidence to take photos anywhere any time

Use your iPhone to take boss selfies

Plan and prep for your photo shoot

Style and pose for your photos

Edit your photos on your mobile phone and in Lightroom

Plan your social media content

Create engaging captions on Instagram that convert

how to take self portraits for business

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For people to want what you’re selling they need to know, like, and trust you!

When I post photos of myself on social media I get way more engagement and comments on my Instagram. When I started using storytelling combined with my images I started converting my followers into buying customers just from one image! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your inbox filled with DM’s saying your post resonated with me, I’d like to book a session, or buy that necklace or sign up for your course!



For the last 20 years I have been taking my own self portraits. It’s been such an asset to have when you don’t have a huge budget for a photographer. And taking your own portraits means you can take your photos anywhere you are in the world.

With my guidance you will have to tools and knowledge to create content on a budget, on the whim, and photos that are authentic to you and your lifestyle.

Now that you can't network face to face, and well basically everything is going online. I knew I had to create Boss Up Your Selfie, a step by step guide to help female entrepreneurs like you to take actionable steps on how to build a personal brand combined with images taken by you to get you more paying clients

This course is not just any selfie course. It's filled with so much content to get you started with understanding your clients, learning how to take your own photos, and most importantly what to do with your images after you've taken them.

I'm Jessica Hanlon

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dream client profile

Step 02

Step 01



You don't need much to take better photos, but having certain equipment will help make producing your selfies much easier. In this module I will break down what certain equipment can do for you when it comes to taking your self portraits.

Brand clarity is the foundation of your business. If you haven't gotten clear about who you serve, or what problems you solve then you cannot market and brand your business. Upon completing this module you will know who your ideal client is so you can create content with that person in mind.

stockholm photographer Jessica hanlon

Step 03

Step 04

How to use your Iphone

how to use your DSLR

In this course module I will show you what you need to take better photos of yourself where ever you are. We will go through the equipment that you need and tips for getting better images when faced with certain lighting situations.

Learning to use your DSLR can be intimidating at first, but there are certain things that an iPhone can not do that a fancy camera can. When you learn to use your camera in manual mode you will have more control over you lighting situations when taking your self portraits.


jessica hanlon boss up your selfie

Step 05

Step 06



In this module you will learn to find the best light where ever you are. You will watch videos where walk you through how to use soft light, and harsh light using your iPhone or DSLR.

Learn to plan what your brand images should look like. I will walk you through how I plan out a mood board to get you the look and feel for your brand.

how to pose for your photos
Jessica Hanlon plan a brand shoot

Step 08

Step 07

Posing and styling

Plan Your Photo Shoot

How do I pose for my photos seems to be the big question I get all the time when I photograph people. Or what do I do with my hands? Don’t worry I’ve got you! You will get a PDF posing guide that I photographed of myself, to help you with your posing.

In this module I will walk you how to plan the location, styling, and the look and feel for your photos. Batching out your content will save you time so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business.

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boss up your selfie

wait there's more!

boss up your selfie online course with jessica hanlon



In this module I will provide various video tutorials walking you through how I shoot my self portraits with an iPhone or your DSLR.



Flat lays are a great way to create visually interesting images of your products. If you don't have a product no worries, you can create these too for showing your current reads, laptop images, or products you love.

Jessica Hanlon is a branding photographer helping entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, and educators to build their personal brand online.

She’s a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Boss Up Your Selfie where she teaches entrepreneurs to take their own photos and to strategically use those photos online to convert followers into buyers organically.

Step 11


Learn how to take your images to the next level using your mobile editing apps, or Lightroom to enhance your photos.

step 12


Learn to use your images and market it with a plan to convert people into buying customers. This is the final step, and the most important one!


self portraits for your business

I'll show you how to build your brand using your selfies to:

- Create photos for your launches

- Create photos for your newsletters

- Create photos for blog posts

- Create photos for Influencer marketing

- Create photos to sell your products & Services


Is Boss Up Your Selfie For You?

This course will teach you the foundations of building your personal brand online to attract your dream clients.  You cannot create your brand photos until you know what your brand is about, and that is why the first module in this course is all about having clarity about your brand.
You will learn to create your own on-brand photos for social media and marketing content created by you, so that your brand looks unique from everyone else’s online. If you feel like you constantly need new photos then this course is for you!

Testimonials & Selfies

Boss Up Your Selfie


Stockholm, Sweden

I LOVE IT! It’s everything I need at this point, and it feels so good to finally understand how to take good photos of myself! I use them on my website and in my freebies so much fun!! 🔥 🔥 🤩 It's really fun getting to see everyone's photos!

Boss Up Your Selfie


Stockholm, sweden

Wow , I just did your first part and as you promised inspiring, helpful and many good tips. I'm so grateful being able to combine my creative business with my  school job.

selfies for business at home
Boss Up Your Selfie
Boss Up Your Selfie

Boss Up Your Selfie Presets

The Boss Up Your Selfie presets were specifically made for the Boss Up Your Selfie students. I created an easy to follow installation video to make the process easy so that you can use them right away.





Boss Up Your Selfie Presets

For Lightroom Mobile

Take your photos from UGH 🙈! To WOW! 🤩

Selfie photo presets
Selfie presets before and after
selfie presets for business
selfie presets for instagram
photo presets for instagram
Boss Up Your Selfie Preset for Flat Lays
photo presets for social media photos
Presets for Product based business owners

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Gives you the tools to build your brand online without having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing your business.

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What Makes Boss Up Your Selfie Course Different?

This course is different from all the other selfies and content creation courses because I’m leading you from the foundations of building a brand to creating the content.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You can not create content without understanding your dream clients. That is why this topic is the first module.


    • Live demos of me actually photographing myself in different lighting scenarios.
    • Learn the camera settings that I used when shooting with my fancy DSLR camera.
    • I also created Boss Up Your Selfie Lightroom Mobile presets for you to save time with your photo editing.

I created the modules with you in mind to easily guide you through building a brand online.



faq boss up your selfie

Questions and answers

Why do I need to create photos for

social media?


Creating photos tailored to you and your business is vital for your business, especially if you are the face of your brand. Your ideal client wants to spend money with you, but they need to trust you first. And the way to build trust is to show up on social media consistently by show your personality, showing the behind the scenes of your business, and by creating value for your customers. Using images will help you sell your services much faster.

When do I get access to the course?


Well basically right away after you have made your first payment.

Are there refunds


Sorry no refunds here, once you get access to the course you have all the information at your fingertips to take your business to the next level. It’s up to you to put fourth the effort.

Will I get to have access to Jessica?


Yes, there will be a private group where you can ask me questions. I am there to help guide you if you need help with the course. The private facebook group is a perfect way to have support, and build a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Can I afford this?


Can you not afford to? This course is a one time payment of $497 or 4 payments of $129. I mean if you have the budget to pay a brand strategist $3,000 dollars and a photographer $300-$1,500 a month to take your photos then be my guest. But if you cannot afford to do that then this course is for you.

How Long will it take me to get through the content?


It depends on how you study on your own. You could learn everything in under 2 weeks. I created the modules to quick and easy to understand.

Watch the videos below for inspiration

Creating content at home with my daughter During Covid-19

this is what you can create

from home

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