Why You Need To Take Self-Portraits For Your Business

I’m curious, what do you think of when someone says take a selfie?

You’re probably thinking hold my phone up to my face and take a photo. Am I right? That’s pretty much what most people think a selfie is. And no, Kim Kardashian did not invent the “selfie”.

A selfie is essentially a self-portrait, which has been something that artists have been creating for centuries by painters, sculptures, and photographers to promote their work.  Did you know the first credited self-portrait was taken by a guy named Robert Cornelius in 1839? This concept is not new.

The word “selfies” has a bad rap because you probably think of a selfie as being vain or it says look at me and how good-looking I am. But, if you use self-portraits the right way they can actually help you propel your business by growing your visibility so that you can build your credibility.

I want you to think of self-portraits as something that can help you to build a connection with yourself. And to help you to become aware of what your body is capable of doing. Self-portraits can actually help you learn how to fix things that you don’t like about yourself. It can help you to feel more confident in yourself in general. And like Marie Forleo says, “Everything Is figureoutable”. In fact, I created a Pose Like a Boss posing guide to help you pose with confidence. Be sure to click the link to access it.

Self-portraits have helped me to understand how to pose for the camera. I also was able to work on my facial expressions. You know Tyra Banks was the one who made the word “smize” popular in her television show – America’s Next Top Model. That’s because your eyes can actually speak without having to say a word. And this can affect the outcome of your photos. But most people don’t know how to do this. But I can show you how in my online course SNAPPED FOR SOCIAL. 90% of the photos on my sales page are self-portraits. I hope you take a look so you can see how to uplevel your selfies.

So if you feel like you can’t take a good picture or that you look terrible in photos, then you’re wrong! You just haven’t learned how to become aware of what your body can do in front of a camera. This is a learnable skill and I can show you how. Come join me in my online course Snapped For Social and learn how to build your brand with selfies that are intentionally created to show people what you do so that you can grow your visibility, build trust, and book more clients.

My why is to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with selfies. And I’m not talking about the Kim Kardashian kind. Ya, feel me?

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