Have you ever wondered what kind of images you should have for your personal brand photoshoot? Props are a great way to show off the different aspects of your business and personality. You can tell stories with your photos which will help you to build your brand and connect with your potential customers. I’ve worked with numerous small business owners in Stockholm, and I always ask how do you want to be photographed. And the answer is “I don’t know”. This is why I created this resource for you to use when you are thinking of having a branding photoshoot.

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Now, let’s get to those tips:

  1. Your phone is a great prop to use in your photos because you can use your phone in flat-lays, you can hold it, show your website, show yourself talking on the phone. 

2. Notebooks are a fun way of showing yourself taking notes or holding the notebook in your photos. Some notebooks have inspirational quotes on them. This is a fun way to show your personality.

3. Show the tools that you use in your business. Maybe you have a podcast or a vlog. Your props can help you to feel less awkward in photos because it gives you something to do. 

4. Flowers are a great way to incorporate your brand colors. You can have your flowers in the background of your photos, or as accent pieces on your desk.

5. Coffee mugs are a great way to show a bit of your personality in your photos. Your coffee cup and tell a lot about someone. Bring your coffee mug to your branding photo shoot to create a lifestyle feel for your photos.

6. Create a mood board photo by clipping out images that reflect your brand. Then use a white wall to create your mood board. Have your photographer capture you taping it up on the wall. 

7. Nicknacks are a great way of creating interesting photos that have inspiring quotes. You can find these at local home good stores, craft stores, or Lagerhaus. I bought these cute matches at Lagerhaus in Stockholm, Sweden and they’ve been great to use in my slideshows.

There are so many more props that you can use, but these are just a few ideas for you. Which props are you going to use in your brand shoot? Are you interested in a brand shoot? Then contact me for more information.


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