Headshots and Branding Photos To Market Your Business Stockholm Sweden

Headshots and Branding Photos To Market Your Business Stockholm Sweden

Showing up online for your business can be overwhelming. But imagine having a stock photography folder of just you and your business to help you shine online, so that you can build your personal brand.

Here are some benefits to having your own on-brand stock photography:

  1. It would reduce your stress on what to post on social media. And you can start consistently showing up online and sharing your message or products to the world.
  2. Having a variety of images of yourself and your products can help you start planning out your social media through platforms such as Later or Planoly. This will give you more time to dedicate to your business instead of worrying about what to post on social media or even blog posts.
  3. Share your message! Marketing your business is all about sharing your message, but also showing who you are or what your company stands for. People want to know more about the story behind the brand or product with on-brand photos. This builds trust with your audience and eventually they will feel safe to make a purchase from you.
  4. Stop hiding! The more people see your face they will feel more connected to you. You must show up multiple times online so that people can learn more about you and your back story. And don’t share the story once. You can retell the story over and over. How many times have you posted an image of yourself and were surprised by the amount of likes you get on Instagram.
  5. Show the behind the scenes! Let your audience see what it takes to produce the work. Are you a jewelry designer, a painter, a coach, a health and fitness instructor, or do you want to start a podcast? People want to see what it takes to make shit happen. They love it! You can do this with photos or even make a timelaps video to show you in action.

The most valuable currency today is attention! – Stephen De Sede

Here’s a NO NO Tip!

Are you thinking of using bots to grow your instagram? Well then think again! It’s is such a bad idea! People will know that there is a robot on the other end of the messaging and it doesn’t work. You need to put in the time and effort into sharing your message authentically. As Jessica Zweig says “No one takes the elevator. We all take the stairs”. This is so true! There is no over night success and you want to build the audience that really loves what you’re selling. You don’t want the wrong audience following you as they will not interact with you. It’s not about the amount of followers, but it’s about having engaged fans who love what you do.

Are you ready to up level your online game and start showing up online? Then contact me for a consultation and let’s talk about how you want to be seen.

Here are some photos from a branding session with Anna who has created Samoosa a website to help people feel less stress in the work environment and empowering the workspace vibe.

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