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Porträttfotograf Stockholm Sweden

Capture your portraits the way you want to be seen.



Life Experience

When I was contacted by Alexandra, she sent me a heartfelt message.

“I have a small project/challenge set up for myself, and my coach, to do a photoshoot in the middle of April. Essentially, the theme is femininity, power, and strength. As a way to celebrate my body and me, the shoot is supposed to be in swimwear.

I came across your page and saw your beautiful fashion portraits of “everyday woman” and I loved your whole concept of capturing those moments for everyone. “

Alexandra came all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden for her portrait session. She was a bit nervous at first, but in the end, she relaxed and we managed to create something special and unique just for her, don’t you agree?

If you would like a portrait session with me, then send me a message with what you would like to have created for you.