Stockholm’s Most Picturesque Museum Carl Eldhs Ateljemuseum

For quite some time my family and I have been wanting to visit the beautiful Carl Eldh Museum in Stockholm. It’s located in the lovely Bellevue Park near Vasastan. 

Carl Eldh Museum in Stockholm.
Carl Eldh Museum Sculptures Stockholm Sweden

It is one of the most stunning spaces I have ever been in. It’s not that big, but what they have managed to do within the space is quite spectacular. As a photographer I felt so at home seeing all of the people’s portraits that Carl captured through sculptures.

Carl Eldh Ateljemuseum stockholm Sweden
Jessica Hanlon discovering Carl Eldh museum
My husband taking my photo. I love how he supports my passion.

In a way he and I are the same, we used our mediums to show the personality of the person through portraits. His through plaster, and me through film and digital. It’s so amazing to see how these sculptures too just like photos can outlive us, but what remains are the sculptures and prints to remind us of the person who once lived, which is priceless. That is why it’s so important to create the tangible memories. 

My daughters were also inspired by the space. As you can see they were also walking around with their cameras and iPhone  I even made my husband take photos of me, which he felt nervous about. But I’m always the one taking pictures that I wanted to also have a photo in this beautiful space.

My girls capturing the beauty of Carl Eldh’s Sculptures.

I can highly recommend seeing this museum with children. They even had a guided tour for children. How cool is that! 

Carl Eldhs studio space
Sculptures by Carl Eldh at the Ateljemuseum in Stockholm Sweden
Studio space of Carl Eldh
Museums in Stockholm. Carl Eldh is the most beautiful if you love sculptures
Carl Eldhs Ateljemuseum
Stockholm Ateljemuseum of Carl Eldh
vintage French book
L’art Pour Tous book at the Carl Eldhs Ateljemuseum
Studio Space of Carl Eldh Ateljémuseum
Carl Eldh museum studio space
Carl Eldh Studio
A room filled with sculptures by artist Carl Eldh