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Personal Branding Session


Self-mastery coach Eva Beronius

by jessica Hanlon

What I love about personal branding is that not all brands are the same. When it comes to building your brand you need to know what YOUR brand values are and how to portray those values through imagery that can speak to your ideal clients. Your brand is unique and so are your brand photos. This is why you cannot copy someone else’s branding photos. This is my superpower…I’m not a photographer that can shoot one style of photography. I use my creativity, my talent, and skill to help your brand come to life.

When Eva came to me she was re-branding herself because her brand had evolved. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn’t, which was so helpful when it comes to showing your photographer what you want.

We cover this over the planning session. The planning session is a way for us to plan and understand how we want to create the photos. This way we are prepared ahead of time on what we will create. This is super important when it comes to the day of the photoshoot. When you have a plan it makes the whole process go smoothly. You can’t have a brand shoot without a plan. There is way too much that goes into the session to just show up and say “cheese”. You need to book your branding session weeks ahead of time so that you can plan everything from the vibe, location, and styling for your brand shoot.

Eva knew that she didn’t want to have a typical brand shoot at her desk or on location because she wanted to show power and transformation, pain and love in her photos. We chose to take her photos all in the studio with different backdrop colors so that she could express this with her personality. This branding session went through all of those emotions and it was an honor getting to see Eva transform in front of the camera.

Eva also has a podcast called: The Uncover YOU podcast on Spotify. You can check it out HERE to see how she’s using one of the photos from our brand shoot as the cover art.

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