Print Your Photos

May 10, 2016

Many people chose to keep their photos on a CD or USB stick; until they decide to print their images later in the future. The reality is that you probably won’t print those photos. And when you do decide to print your photos you realize that you can’t find the CD or the USB stick. Or technology has changed so much that you can no longer even put a CD into your computer. Now you can’t even access your photos. What to do? Well I think you will find a solution but it’s better to avoid the stress. That’s why I stress to print your photos while you can.

When I give my clients a tangible product they are so much happier seeing it in their hands versus on the computer screen. When the see the image in their hands their faces light up and they feel excitement. In all a CD or USB stick is temporary storage that are not meant for the long run. That is why I offer digital products with the prints that my clients purchase. They are not buying the digital, they are buying the prints. The digital is complimentary. Isn’t it time to exist in photographs?


Jessica Hanlon photography

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Jessica Hanlon photography

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