Finding a photographer to photograph you can be a bit like dating. You know right away whether you like the person enough to even meet for a coffee. Am I right?

So how do you know if the photographer is right for you? Here are few questions you should be asking yourself before hiring a photographer.

  1. Do you like their photography style?
    For instance, if a photographer shoots dark and moody photos and you want bright and crisp images, then there will be a miss match between you and the photographer’s style. And this can lead to disappointment and the possibility of having to reshoot your photos, which can be costly.
  2. Can we be friends?
    This part is so important! You’re going to be getting vulnerable in front of the camera, so you better feel like you can do anything around the person who will photograph you. That means you better get on the phone and have a chat with your potential photographer. Check out their social media, and see if you like how they show up online. Just because they take nice pictures doesn’t mean that they will capture your personality if there’s no connection between you two.
  3. What does the photographer specialize in?
    Consider the kind of images you will have taken. A family photographer will not be able to create the same images as a branding photographer. A branding photographer knows what kind of images sell your brand. They also know which format to take your photos in so that you can use them in multiple places like your website and social media, podcast covers, or even newsletters.

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