I’m Not A Model, I’m Jessica Hanlon

February 21, 2019

I’m Not a Model, I’m Jessica Hanlon

I’m 5 foot, 3 inches tall

I’m 40 years old / young

I’m a mother

I’m a wife

I’m an artist

I’m passionate about business

I love fashion magazines

I’m just a girl from the Midwest (Illinois)

I’m Hispanic (mom) / American (dad)

I speak Spanish

I’m learning Swedish

I lived in Brussels, Belgium for 5 years before moving to Sweden

I’m Just Jessica Hanlon

I believe that every woman is beautiful, and deserves the model experience. Why should models only get to experience getting pampered with hair and makeup? Getting to wear beautiful clothing? And getting awesome photos of themselves? 

That’s why I offer the model experience to everyone with my photo shoots. But I wanted to know what it felt like to experience this myself, so I contacted Heike Delmore to photograph me while I was in Phoenix, AZ for The Portrait Masters Conference.

It felt so great to be pampered and to just play and have fun for myself. Months before the photoshoot I planned what I would wear. I found so many outfits that I wanted to be photographed in.

I really understood what my clients were feeling before their shoots. I was nervous, scared, doubtful. I wondered why I was doing this. I didn’t need the validation. It was a present to myself for turning 40 and living forty years on this earth. I would do this again for sure! Because it’s not just for models, but for everyone!

Makeup & Hair by @rileyferguson_mua