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How to find your purpose in life and business

Episode 1 of

The Elevate Podcast

Be the CEO of your life and business

Welcome to the podcast and hear why Jessica Hanlon started The Elevate Podcast for creative entrepreneurs living abroad.

Listen to how Dijana Llugolli went from being a cleaner to a self-made business mentor and entrepreneur who is now empowering entrepreneurs to be the CEOs of their life and business.

We have two special guests Ana Eskenasy and Efi Parissi. They are the founders of The Purpose Strategy where they are on a mission to help people live their lives to their fullest potential by creating your purpose-driven life plan.

Navigating your life

& business with

Human Design

How to build your personal brand in a new city

When you understand what your human design profile is, you’ll be able to use this to your advantage in life when it comes to decision making and so much more.

Marie shares with us how we can grow our personal brands in a new city so that we can thrive and build new connections, which can in turn open up new opportunities such as friendships, business opportunities, and even land a dream job.