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NAIL YOUR NEXT BRAND SHOOT By uncovering the personality behind your brand that attracts your dream clients.

The details...

Who is this for? These workshops are for online entrepreneurs who are the face of their brand and who want to up level their personal brand imagery. If you're feeling like your photos no longer represent your brand or maybe you're bored with your branding then this workshop is for you!

When? Jan 23rd - Feb 13TH. We will meet every Monday online as I walk you through the steps of building your on-brand photo shoot that feels authentic to your and your brand.

Will there be a replay? Yes, there will be a replay with the live trainings for you to watch. But the goal is to do this live together so that you leave with a plan for you next brand shoot.

Get your money's worth every time you do a brand shoot!

Uncover your brand on a more soulful level and embrace YOU as the brand

Confidently show up to your brand shoot with a plan and a clear vision of what you need.

Feel excited about your brand again!


Your brand shoot needs a plan and I'm here to help you create it!

I Hate To Burst Your Bubble, But...

Elevate with Jessica Hanlon

It’s not the photographers job to tell you what your brand is about. It’s your job to do the work and get crystal clear about who you are so you can clearly communicate what your brand is all about to your photographer.

✓ No more shame around your branding photos

✓ No more lack of clarity around your brand

✓ No more selfies on your website

✓ No more overwhelm on how to plan and style your photo shoot

✓ No more fake it till you make it


Let's redefine what branding photography looks like...

✓ It's NOT about what other people are doing!

It's about creating a feeling and a vibe that reflects the uniqueness of your brand.

It's about being excited about what your brand visuals look like.

✓ You are unique and your photos should be too.

mood board for branding photos

I’m ready to go next level, will you come with me?

Porträttfotograf Stockholm Sweden

Wouldn’t it feel amazing if you had a clear roadmap on how to plan and execute your brand photo shoot so that your photographer can deliver your vision for your brand visuals?

Trust me your photographer will love you for this! You'll get my planning guide which will keep you on track with planning your brand shoot and other planning tools.

Not only that, you'll l also leave with an authentic brand with a unique personality that attracts your dream clients who are willing to pay for your services regardless of the price.

Your brand shoot is a production and that’s why you need a plan!

Personal branding for female business owners
Stockholm Branding Photographer

This workshop is for female entrepreneurs who are tired of their branding photos and are ready to take their brand visuals to the next level.

You'll leave feeling confident about planning your next brand shoot with ease and clarity.

Watch the video below to hear more about the workshop.






Start attracting dream clients who say " I need to work with her!" because they're in alignment with you and your brand!

elevate your personal brand online

Your Branding Photos Don't Have To Look Like Everyone Else's!

Product photography for brands

When you uncover what your brand persona is, we can begin to create a unique brand personality to match your business. But if you feel like your brand doesn’t reflect your vibe then it's time to make some changes. Trust me, this workshop is going to be fun and expansive.


You Know It's Time To Elevate Your Brand If You're Feeling Like This...

✓ You don’t feel excited about your brand imagery

✓ You want a brand that shows your personality, but you don't know how to express it

✓ You're tired of seeing the same kind of photos everywhere

✓ You need someone to guide you with your brand creation

✓ You're attracting the wrong clients into your business

✓ You've outgrown your selfies on your website

✓ You feel lost on how to plan your brand shoot

✓ You’re tired of your brand photos or at least need a refresh

This Is The Workshop You Need Right Now If...

stockholm branding and portrait photographer

✓ You want to discover your brand personality and explore the hidden parts of yourself

✓ You want to call in more of the right clients who want to work with you

(get ready for an abundance of clients)

✓ You want to have an aligned brand that shows your authentic personality.

✓ You want to have scroll stopping imagery that attracts paying dream clients



4 Live classes will be held at 7pm CET (Sweden) ON ZOOM from

January 23rd- Feb 13th

Brand Activation - Learn what your brand is all about. We will go deeper with uncovering your brand persona. Get ready to think outside of the box!

We will uncover what makes you unique so that you can find your unique selling persona.

Brand Artistry Week One

BRAND ARTISTRY - Get ready to activate your brand's vibe so that you captivate your audience by showing up in your own unique way. You'll learn how to create the vision for your branding images that will attract your dream clients who want to work with you.

Day Two Brand Artistry With Jessica Hanlon
Day 3 Brand Artistry online course

CREATE YOUR PLAN - Get ready to lay out all the details for your brand shoot. You'll finish the workshop with a clear plan of action and nail your next brand shoot.

Critique + BONUS TRAINING - Show up live on the call for me to review and critique your mood board and ideation. This is one of the most important calls if you want my eyes on your branding.

* The bonus training is with a surprise guest presenter.

Day 4 Brand Artistry online course


Are you ready to uncover what's been yearning to come out?


Your brand is an expression of who you are and when you create a brand that shows off your personalty this is what makes you magnetic and brings in the right people who want to work with you, and who are also willing to invest in you.

Your brand doesn’t need to be like anyone else’s and that is what will set you apart. You'll leave with a clear vision for your new branding.

If your brand isn't evolving then your brand isn't growing.

So which brand will you be? One that looks like other people or one that stands out in a unique and authentic way?

Meet your instructor...

Jessica Hanlon Photography stockholm sweden

Hi I'm Jess and I'm on a mission to help women grow their personal brand and get more confident in front of the camera, so that you can change the way you see yourself. You are your greatest asset and you are the reason why people will choose to work with you. So why not show potential clients who you are!

Jessica Hanlon is a portrait and branding photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s inspired by fashion and bold colors which you can see in her imagery. She’s photographed celebrities and top CEO’s in Sweden along with small businesses owners so they can grow their visibility online.


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