Hi I’m Jessica Hanlon and I’m an American portrait photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. My entire life has always revolved around photography, fashion magazines and beauty. And now I get to use all three passions and offer them to you.

I try to put a little fun and fashion into all of my portraits by offering hair & makeup styling for women and advising you on what to wear to your photo session. Something magical happens when you look and feel your best. It gives you confidence to stand up in front of the camera. The sessions can be done with your fiancé, husband, children, mother, sister, friends, or just for yourself.

As a mother I know how hard it can be sometimes to find time to put on makeup and  have your hair done without someone calling for you. I take care of that by working with an amazing makeup artist so that you can treat yourself to something special.

I invite you to a portrait session with me, where you get to feel like a model for a day. Afterwards you will want to have plans to go out because you will look amazing!

Book your session today or call me at +46 702083412

Jessica Hanlon