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How To Work With Your Graphic Designer & Photographer To Build Your Brand Online.

Today I have brand designer and strategist Elle Barron on the show and we started working together by collaborating with brand design and photography for our clients in Stockholm Sweden. We know how important it is to have an elevated brand and that comes with good web design and good branded photos that help you […]

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Courtney Landen shares her story about how she transitioned from being a retired Olympic athlete to finding a new life path of health and wellness coaching. She has helped many parents around the world with sleep training for sleepless babies and is the author of various books about sleep training and pregnancy fitness. You can […]


From Olympic Athlete To Life Abroad as a Fitness Coach In Sweden

The Elevate Podcast with Jessica Hanlon Stockholm Sweden

Former Olympic athlete Courtney Landing contacted me because she needed photos to help with her fitness branding. Courtney offers fitness training courses in Stockholm. We created a variety of different images for her to use on social media, an upcoming book and her website. I went to Pulse & Träning and photographed Courtney in action […]

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Fitness Branding With Courtney Landin | Stockholm Sweden

Courtney Landin Sweden

The concept to photo shoot template will make the brand shoot planning process smooth and easy to plan with your clients, allowing you to charge more for your services.

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